Did my mobile phone screen-time experiment for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2019 work?

Last week I committed to reducing my screen-time contact to two longer sessions a day, and resisting the urge to check it in-between times.

Did it work?


To an extent.

One of the best things about this experiment was that it brought my phone usage fully into my conscious awareness. This felt very empowering, giving me genuine choices, instead of an ingrained habit that I had little control over.

Some days were easier than others to stick to the plan, and when business or life demanded a more frequent response, that had to take priority. Even on those days, I still remained conscious of my goal and focused on achieving it to whatever extent I could.

What did I learn?

*Flexibility in my approach was key

*Having a clear goal in mind was far more effective than having no goal at all

*I questioned my motives each time I was tempted to reach for my phone. Do I really need to check it? Do I really need to check it again, right now?

*Persistent progress towards a goal is still progress. Some goals are only achieved in incremental steps *Being motivated to make the change was very important

Have you ever successfully changed your screen-time habits?