As we celebrate #WorldEnvironmentDay2019, I have a vital question for you.

The theme for this year’s United Nations Annual 5th June awareness-raising day is Air Pollution, this year being hosted by China.

The strains on our EXTERNAL World are well documented. Hopefully with more shifts in awareness, policy and action there will be a possibility of saving this beautiful planet for future generations.

But what about your INTERNAL environment?

What checks and balances do you have in place to ensure you take care of your inside space? Eating healthily, staying hydrated and taking regular exercise keeps you physically in check.

But what about your mental health?

How do you keep that environment safe, and free from toxic contamination?

Ups and downs in life are normal. But significant low mood affects 1 in 4 people at some point, and current estimates say 300 million people globally have depression.

Your internal mental environment is almost completely controlled by your thoughts. Positive, negative, true and untrue. Your brain treats them all equally.

The ones you focus on determine how you feel.

So how do you break the pattern of unhelpful thinking habits?

Do you even notice?

How do you care for your mental health?

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