What do you do when you fall down?

Life is all about learning. Successful people don’t give up at the first hurdle. Or the second or third or even the fourth.

They keep going. Again. And again. And again.

Part of learning any new skill is about keeping going even when the going gets tough.

It’s about learning from your ‘mistakes’ and treating any ‘failure’ as simply feedback that allows you to do better next time.

That’s how you learned to walk and speak as a toddler. The thought of failing never even occurred to you. You just did it. And you kept going until you could do it. You stayed curious and you had fun along the way.

Do you use those same resources today when you want to achieve success?

Or has life conditioned you to believe and behave otherwise?

What an incredible inspiration to watch this small child achieve in this way with resilience, focus, determination and flexibility in approach.

What’s your approach when you want to achieve success?

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